My work lies at the intersection of management and innovation strategy, transformative technologies, venture building, and robotics and AI research. I am currently Vice President for Transformation (Technology) at Aboitiz Equity Ventures (PSE: AEV) leading key areas in its organizational and technological transformation into a Techglomerate.

Previously, I was a Senior Research Associate in Robotics with Dr. Ioannis Havoutis at the Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford, where I continue as an Adjunct Researcher in Robotics and Machine Learning. While at Oxford, I established and led the loco-manipulation research on legged and wheeled platforms, with my research focusing on learning- and optimisation-based methods for optimal planning and control of high degree of freedom systems interacting with environments.

I completed a PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems supervised by Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar at the University of Edinburgh, where I was a core member of the humanoids research group working on the Edinburgh-NASA Valkyrie project. Previously, I completed a MSc by Research (Distinction) in Robotics and Autonomous Systems and a BEng (Honours, 1st Class, #1 Ranking) in Mechanical Engineering with Management.

I regularly consult and coach Fortune 500 executives on disruptive innovation and exponential technologies. Previous projects focused on Construction & Development, Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Automotive, Hospitality, and Security. I have been a key contributor to the Exponential Organizations methodology and one of its leading practitioners globally.

I am passionate about solving hard problems with innovative, entrepreneurial approaches. I am a graduate of Singularity University’s Graduate Studies Programme, went through a startup accelerator, and mentor at entrepreneurship events. I have developed and deployed software for NGOs, education, marketing, and entertainment with many household brand names.

If you’re interested to learn more, I’d love to talk – please reach out via LinkedIn.